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Accuracy Meets Integrity

Introducing Accurity Group, a new paradigm, offering clients a smarter and more connected way of doing business. Formed by senior financial experts
with over 
25 years of experience, Accurity Group establishes a new model for forensic accounting and litigation consulting firms.


Accurity Group LLC is a national boutique consulting firm with offices in
Atlanta, Baltimore and Detroit. By leveraging technology, relevant expertise, and operating costs, Accurity Group is fully focused on serving clients with the care and attention they deserve.


Accurity’s specialized expertise across a variety of industries provides our clients clarity with complex issues. Our first-hand industry experience can offer expert testimony that is more relevant and rooted in reality than other litigation consulting firms.


Diversified Experience


Automotive | Healthcare & Life Sciences | Business & Financial Services | Consumer, Retail, Food & Beverage | Industrials | Real Estate, Leisure & Entertainment | Technology, Software & Internet | More

Clients Served

Attorneys (white collar, litigators, bankruptcy, family law), federal and state government agencies, audit committees, boards of directors and special investigation committees, general counsel, internal auditors, compliance staff and risk managers, financial institutions, insurance companies, shareholders, municipalities, school districts, non-profit organizations, bankruptcy trustees and third-party creditors. 

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