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Corporations of all sizes can face compliant risks and have to comply
with mandated regulatory settlements requiring independent monitoring.
Accurity Group’s specialized expertise in this area guides you through the process smoothly and confidently. 

Federal prosecutors and SEC staff can require a corporate monitor or independent compliance consultant to verify a company’s compliance with the terms of a settlement. The appointment of a monitor enables the government to conditionally suspend a prosecution or enforcement action while you work to implement agreed business and compliance reforms. Accurity Group has a wealth of experience and resources to serve as your independent monitor or compliance consultant. 

Accurity Group approaches compliance matters with the goal of providing an accurate assessment of an organization’s adherence to mandates, contracts, or regulations. Our independence and objectivity are paramount to achieving successful outcomes. We understand the time-critical nature of implementing a plan of action, communicating with multiple constituencies and managing the inherent complexity of the appointment. 



  • Conduct market risk assessment to narrow products, regions, and
    segments for review 

  • Develop objective analyses of financial sales data to screen for possible
    collusive markers 

  • Perform a risk assessment of program to identify issues and provide recommendations 

  • Assist company’s internal audit and compliance teams perform on-site reviews 

Clients Served

Attorneys (white collar, litigators, bankruptcy, family law), federal and state government agencies, audit committees, boards of directors and special investigation committees, general counsel, internal auditors, compliance staff and risk managers, financial institutions, insurance companies, shareholders, municipalities, school districts, non-profit organizations, bankruptcy trustees and third-party creditors. 

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